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Roto-Fab Cold Air intake W/Dry filter for Camaro SS 2016-17 (SOUND TUBE DELETE) - mbenzgram

Roto-Fab Cold Air intake W/Dry filter for Camaro SS 2016-17 (SOUND TUBE DELETE)

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Roto-fab 2016-17 Camaro SS cold air intake system with dry filter and sound tube delete option. This option eliminates the sound tube assembly from the inlet elbow all the way back to the firewall. The package features a smooth inlet elbow with no sound tube provision and a block-off plate for the sound tube entry in the firewall.After 8 months of development, we are proud to announce the release of the Roto-fab 2016-17 Camaro SS cold air intake system. This package delivers great performance and awesome sound without a tune or any modifications to the vehicle. Installation is easy and detailed, step-by step color instructions are included.The Roto-fab 2016-17 Camaro cold air intake system uses all of the available real estate to package a huge airbox and massive filter while maintaining an extremely effective barrier against engine bay heat. We've developed this intake to perform well as a stand alone mod while being capable of meeting the higher air demands of supercharged and high HP builds.Our open top design effectively seals to the hood which maximizes airbox volume while providing all of the advantages of a lid We use top quality components throughout including high gloss silicone hose couplers, stainless steel hose clamps, stainless steel fasteners, molded-in inserts for airbox and MAF sensor mounting and high-quality filters designed to last for the life of the vehicle. The air box and duct work are custom molded to maximize airflow and fit the car perfectly The logo badge on the air box has a black anodized finish with a laser etched Roto-fab logo. We also include a red Roto-fab vinyl graphic in the instructions giving end users the option of reversing the badge and applying the red logo to match the red lettering on the engine covers. Please note this listing is for the dry filter option! We are also offering the Roto-fab 2016-17 cold air intake system with accommodations for the sound enhancement feature in the car. NOT FOR SALE OR USE IN CALIFORNIA!