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HPS Stainless Steel V Band Clamp 6" with Aluminum Flanges - mbenzgram

HPS Stainless Steel V Band Clamp 6" with Aluminum Flanges

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HPS Stainless Steel V-Band Clamp Kits with Stainless Steel or Aluminum flanges are a durable and versatile clamping system for automotive and industrial applications. The clamp features a Quick Release T-Bolt, making installation quick and easy while also eliminating the need to fully disassemble the clamp. The clamp is made of 100% 304 stainless steel which provides excellent weather and corrosion resistance. Aluminum V-Band flanges feature a male and female side that automatically align the flanges onto each other, a feature which prevents improper installation. The back side of the V-Band flanges features a recessed lip to help center aluminum tubing to the flange. This recess matches the ID of 16 gauge tubing, allowing for unrestricted air flow. Aluminum V-Band flanges are made of 6061 aluminum and utilize a NBR o-ring to create an air-tight seal for positive pressure applications, making them ideal for intercooler piping systems as well as intake systems.

HPS Stainless Steel V-Band Clamp Kits with Aluminum Flanges includes:

- (1) Stainless Steel Quick Release V-Band Clamp - (1) Male/Female Aluminum V-Band Flange Set - (1) NBR O-Ring - (1) Non-locking Nut - (1) Nylon Locking Nut

Note: Do not use HPS Aluminum V-Band kits for exhaust applications.