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Ferrari 488 Pista / GTB / GTS Catless Downpipe

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BlackBoost Performance Engineering 3.5" Catless Downpipes for the Ferrari Pista / GTB / GTS.

Theres nothing like the scream of a Ferrari flat plane crank V8 engine!! Though Ferraris new 3.9 liter twin turbo unit still sounds exceptional, theres still some pure sounds left to be desired that are sadly muted by the addition of twin turbochargers. Here at Blackboost, we believe that if we cannot make things in a truly new and innovative way, if we cannot do it better than it has been done before, then it simply would not be worth doing. We are more than proud to release our Ferrari 488 Downpipes and exhaust for this very reason, as this product is nothing like what is available on the market, featuring multiple improvements and technological advancements over what is seen from any other company in the world! It is our way of bringing back that incredible Flat plane crank V8 character that sadly has been dulled by the addition of turbochargers!

Before getting into the incredible details that make our product so much more technologically advanced, powerful and better sounding than our completion, lets first talk about our superb build quality. Our downpipes and exhaust are entirely constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel, guaranteeing that your system will not rust or degrade over time. Every tube is made using a mandrel bender, which guarantees that no losses of flow are present within any bends or contours of the system, maximizing flow throughout. Professional TIG Welding with the addition of back purging is the highest quality standard that exist for welding exhaust systems, and our TIG welding is second to none, its of the upmost quality. There are many other details that make our system so great, like the use of only the best type of flexible bellow on the downpipes, quality brushed surface finishing, laser cut and folded support brackets, as well as all of the intricate laser cut parts that make up the valved muffler assembly. Even our exhaust tips are made from billet CNC machined stainless steel and with a very aggressive and attractive design, it is easy to see how much effort we have put into the high levels of quality within our product!

Now it is time to get into the details of what makes our product so much better than the rest.


The first thing that separates us from the pack begins directly at the outlet of the turbocharger. Our downpipes are a massive 3.5 inches in size, a 37% increase in flow over a 3 inch downpipe, which is what is available from the rest of the aftermarket. Nobody else makes a 3.5 inch downpipe. We also have located our flexible bellow in a different location, which also contributes to an improvement in flow and a lessening of turbulence within the system. A steady taper down to the factory outlet 70mm is present at the end of the downpipes, which means these are still a factory replacement with zero need for any modifications regardless of the increased size. This steady taper is also a HP benefit, as it maintains a high exhaust velocity, something that is needed to maximize HP in a turbocharged application. As a result of this increase in volume, exhaust is able to exit the turbochargers more easily, resulting in a larger HP increase than could be seen from any other downpipe available on the market!

Technical details:
- Diameter 3.5 to the turbo side

- works with OEM Exhaust
- Bolt On installation
- Material: 304SS

- Ferrari 488 GTB
- Ferrari 488 GTS

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