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Ferrari 488 GTB / GTS Formula Race Edition

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BlackBoost Performance Engineering 3.5" Catless Downpipes for the Ferrari GTB / GTS.

Theres nothing like the scream of a Ferrari flat plane crank V8 engine!! Though Ferraris new 3.9 liter twin turbo unit still sounds exceptional, theres still some pure sounds left to be desired that are sadly muted by the addition of twin turbochargers. Here at Blackboost, we believe that if we cannot make things in a truly new and innovative way, if we cannot do it better than it has been done before, then it simply would not be worth doing. We are more than proud to release our Ferrari 488 Downpipes and exhaust for this very reason, as this product is nothing like what is available on the market, featuring multiple improvements and technological advancements over what is seen from any other company in the world! It is our way of bringing back that incredible Flat plane crank V8 character that sadly has been dulled by the addition of turbochargers!

Lets first talk about our superb build quality. Our downpipes and exhaust are entirely constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel, guaranteeing that your system will not rust or degrade over time. Every tube is made using a mandrel bender, which guarantees that no losses of flow are present within any bends or contours of the system, maximizing flow throughout. Professional TIG Welding with the addition of back purging is the highest quality standard that exist for welding exhaust systems, and our TIG welding is second to none, its of the upmost quality. There are many other details that make our system so great, like the use of only the best type of flexible bellow on the downpipes, quality brushed surface finishing, laser cut and folded support brackets, as well as all of the intricate laser cut parts that make up the valved muffler assembly. Even our exhaust tips are made from billet CNC machined stainless steel and with a very aggressive and attractive design, it is easy to see how much effort we have put into the high levels of quality within our product!


There are multiple innovations that are true proprietary technologies of Blackboost, one of with is our Zpipe technology. You can see clearly how there is a section of 4 individual tubes that are present within the exhaust; this is what we refer to as the Zpipe. When splitting and recombining the tubing in this way, what is essentially happening is you are forcing the exhaust into a 100% mix between sides of the engine! Half goes to one side, and half goes to the other, meaning that you hear the entire engine coming from each tip individually. This 100% mix of exhaust gasses is something an Hpipe or an Xpipe could never even come close to doing! The result of this is an extremely strong scavenging effect that results in a true suction of exhaust out of the turbochargers, as every exhaust pulse from the engine on one side will literally suck and pull out the next pulse from the other side of the engine, back and forth continuously! This results in a MASSIVE performance increase, as unbelievable as it sounds, we saw 32HP more with our Zpipe exhaust over our own full straight pipes during our R/D!! There is simply no other company that can even begin to make such a claim. What we have learned over the years is that where you gain HP you tend to also gain improvements in sound quality, and a simple side effect of this perfect 100% mix is an incredible improvement in the noises this engine makes!! You can truly hear the individual pulses of the engine, which results in a much cleaner, meaner, more aggressive, and also at redline a more high pitched sound. You could also say that the tone of the exhaust could be best described as a much more PURE sound, without as much unpleasant gargling background noise present both from the factory and from other aftermarket companies. This is the one part you can buy for your engine that will drastically change the character of your 488 into something so much more special than you could have ever imagined. This Zpipe technology was invented by our head engineer and R&D and testing has been dialed in over the years, up to this point where we have it perfected. Anywhere else in the industry that you see this Zpipe design, regardless of what name it has, remember you are looking at a copycat! The Zpipe is our original technology!!

The second major innovation that is present within our exhaust system is our proprietary valve system and its incorporated technology. Though our valved mufflers may look small, they actually flow better than the factory unit! Despite this amazing truth, they are actually remarkably quiet when closed! They truly bring the car back down to stock-like noise levels when they close! This is entirely due to the highly complex internal baffled design, a design that you will not see anywhere else in the industry, as this technology is an invention of our head engineer and designer. There are two different things happening inside of these valved muffler units that result in such a superior function. One is the chambered muffler effect that is a result of the exhaust needing to pass through perforated holes and having to zig zag around different corners over and over as they make their way around the valve. The other is the effect generated by the symmetrical layout of the internal baffles, as the exhaust flow is split and recombined repeatedly. This creates a sound canceling effect as the sound wave is split in half then the opposing halves of the sound wave are crashed back into each other, causing a sound canceling effect. This valve system works so well that incredibly it makes about the same peak HP as when we tested our straight pipes during our R&D, which means its about a 30hp loss. Essentially like you only loose the HP that the Zpipe gains when you close the valves, and not one bit more; it is a truly remarkable feat of engineering, especially when you consider how small these valve portions are!! This internally baffled valve design has undergone years of R&D to reach the point it is at now, and it is without a doubt the most compact and advanced valve system available on the market! The valve is even internal in the system, making for a very visually clean design, without additional tubes or anything else which we consider here to be very ugly. Dont forget that the small size also means that this system is more lightweight than it would otherwise be with a traditional valve technology! Another benefit to our valve unit is that it does not rely on any sort of sound absorbing material or packing like so many other companies, meaning that this valve system will always work as good as the first time you turn it on, there is no packing material to fall out over time. This is what will happen with traditional muffler technology, which is what all of our competition is offering. Something else to keep in mind is that when the valve is open there are zero flow losses and zero muffling effects taking place, as the valve portion only becomes active when the valve is closed. Ultimately what is so remarkable about this technology is how well these units actually muffle! The car becomes like stock when the valves are closed, and when they open it becomes a monster! We are so proud to be able to offer such an innovative valve system, and we proudly incorporate it here on this product for that reason!


They are manufactured on a 5 axis CNC machine and milled from stainless steel! This is neither easy nor cheap to do, but the results are quite amazing! The styling you see that incorporates the look of a F16 fighter jets exhaust outlets creates a look like no other. We even CNC engrave our BlackBoost logo onto the side so onlookers can envy the fact youre sporting the most advanced exhaust system in the world which is available for your vehicle. These tips are available immediately for order in raw machined finish, however can be custom ordered to different anodized color options, or even a burned tip style, however these customized options are made to order and result in a small lead time.

In summary, its easy to see why BlackBoost is the obvious choice when choosing to make upgrades to your Ferrari 488s less than desirable factory system, or even the not-as-impressive systems available from the rest of the performance aftermarket. Our products physical quality of fabrication and welding is of the highest degree, we make more power, the quality of our sound is better, and our valve system mufflers more effectively while still retaining the needed flow. We also offer our product at a more than competitive price, especially when you consider how good it is!! We dont do this for any other reason than to undercut our competition! Its technically more expensive to make this product than it would be with traditional approaches when you consider that we still hold the highest manufacturing quality standards and professional TIG welding. Our profits per unit are not as high for this reason, but we know that our prices will result in larger sales volumes, which ultimately result in us making more profits! For this reason our product is so affordable even with such high quality standards! Remember both our downpipes and our exhaust are both interchangeable with the factory parts, requiring zero cutting or changing to anything. You can install either just the downpipes, just the exhaust, or both! Its our recommendation to install both however as it will result in the greatest performance and also sound improving effects!

Technical details:
- works with OEM Catalytic Downpipes
- works with OEM valvetronic connection
- Bolt On installation
- Material: 304SS

-Ferrari 488 GTB
-Ferrari 488 GTS

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