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Cartek Dual Colored Rain Light (Static/ Flashing Amber) - mbenzgram

Cartek Dual Colored Rain Light (Static/ Flashing Amber)

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For a long time, Cartek realized that the full potential of Rain Lights was not being used. Instead of just being used for wet races the Rain Light could also be used as a hazard warning device to alert other driver of a stationary or slow-moving car and therefore help prevent rear-end crashes. The Dual Colored Rain Light is supplied with a 3 position toggle switch and allows the Rain Light to be switched ON, OFF or set to flash a hazard warning display.

This Rain Light has two modes of operation -

Static On/Off - RED

Hazard Warning - AMBER

This Rain Light can help prevent rear-end shunts by alerting drivers of a stationary or slow moving car.

When to use it:

OFF - Clear track.
ON - Wet race, poor visibility.
HAZARD - Stalled on the grid.
HAZARD - Driving slowly with misfire.
HAZARD - Driving slowly with puncture.
HAZARD - Safety Car or Red Flags spotted.