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Banks Power 48604-B Engine Parts - mbenzgram

Banks Power 48604-B Engine Parts

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Banks Power
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Stinger is a complete power system with engineered intake, exhaust and fuel tuning upgrades for working and towing applications. Stinger delivers huge tow all day performance with lower EGTs to keep it all cool. Adds up to +40 hp and +57 lb-ft (rear wheel) plus more MPG. The Stinger system is a combination of our Monster exhaust, our Banks Ram-Air Filter with Silencer Delete Tube, and our Bullet tuner. The exhaust features a beefy intermediate pipe and tailpipes (3.5-inch on the single exhaust sytem, 3-inch on the duals), formed of stainless heavy-wall tubing with mandrel bends to maximize airflow, minimize backpressure and lower exhaust gas temperatures. The system safely clears the spare tire, shocks and brake lines. Monster duals include exclusive round, angle-cut, polished-stainless rolled-edge tailpipe tips (with your choice of high temp Black or chrome-over stainless). Tips have an adjustable clamp for positioning on tailpipe. Tip dimensions: 3-inch tube - 3.75-inch x 11-inch. This system is also available with a single 3.5-inch tube - 4.38-inch X 12-inch exhaust tip. Boost Your Power and Read Your Boost! Our Banks Bullet is a value-priced tuner, but we only skimped on the cost and not on the performance! Loaded with features, the Banks Bullet offers multiple power levels that you can adjust on-the-fly to match your driving conditions. It's also a handy boost gauge, and it can display other critical engine functions. It comes with a single-gauge mounting panel, but you can also get a pillar-mount console, sold separately. What more could you ask for? You get continuous, safe towing power, optimum engine efficiency and durability, adjust-on-the-fly power, lower exhaust gas temperatures and virtually no backpressure. And with the built-in fuel economy features, more driving between fill-ups, too! Banks Bullet contents: Does it come with everything you need for a quick and painless installation? It's from Banks Power so yep, it sure does.

  • Optimizes airflow, air density, continuous power and MPG
  • Honors the host vehicle and improves longevity
  • Gain up to +40 hp and +57 lb-ft (rear wheel)
  • 0-80 mph 12.7 percent quicker!
  • Increases MPG
  • Banks Bullet doubles as a digital gauge
  • STOCK, TOW, SPORT change-on-the-fly power levels
  • DUAL exhaust Black tip
  • Fits 2014-16 Ram 1500, 3.0L EcoDiesel

Stinger Bundle, Power System with Dual Exit Exhaust, Black Tips for use with 2014-16 Ram 1500 3.0L EcoDiesel