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Banks 63787 PowerPack iQ

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PowerPack pours on the Cummins power: rear-wheel best gains of +55 hp and +103 lb-ft! With PowerPack, you'll fly up hills without endless downshifting. Pass traffic whenever you want. Merge without the cold sweat! And stretch your driving time between fill-ups. PowerPack starts with the Banks EconoMind Diesel Tuner, which optimizes the ISB's air-fuel ratio and unleashes huge power, and then adds Banks iQ vehicle command center.

Banks iQ gives you six levels of adjust-on-the-fly power and lets you monitor a slew of critical engine functions (boost, EGT, and many more). Includes a Fuel Economy level. Option A package includes EconoMind Diesel Tuner plus Banks iQ. Option B package includes EconoMind Diesel Tuner plus electronic DynaFact pyrometer and boost gauge assembly. Based on 2008 Winnebago Destination 6.7L Cummins motorhome. Features and performance results vary by application.

  • Optimizes airflow, air density, continuous power and MPG
  • Honors the host vehicle and improves longevity
  • PowerPack pours on the Cummins power
  • Rear-wheel best gains of +55 hp and +103 lb-ft
  • Includes Banks iQ
  • No E.O. when equipped with urea injection
  • Fits Cummins ISB-CR-6.7L - MH-Pusher-Mid, with Allison 2000 and 3000

PowerPack Bundle, Complete Power System with Banks iDash 5 inch monitor for use with 2007-2012 Cummins 6.7L ISB, Pusher Motorhome, with Allison 2000/3000

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